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Corporate Social Responsibility


Our responsibility

Our commitment to society and the environment is particularly important to us

We firmly believe that our continued growth must not come at the expense of our environment or social responsibility. We therefore rely on a strategic allocation of resources that not only promotes our growth, but also focuses on quality and environmental protection.

We are committed to harmonising the social, ecological and economic aspects of our business activities. This means that we always endeavour to combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to society goes beyond mere business, and our ISO 14001:2015 certification is proof of our commitment to environmental sustainability. In our operating facilities and administration, we consistently focus on resource-conserving management. We utilise renewable energies and make targeted investments in measures to improve our carbon footprint.

This is an ongoing process in which we constantly strive to minimise our ecological footprint. Our conviction that business and sustainability can go hand in hand drives us to continuously develop innovative solutions that promote both economic stability and social and ecological responsibility. We are proud to actively contribute to creating a sustainable and responsible future.


Our products are manufactured in our own production facilities in Tunisia. Environmental responsibility and sustainability are integral parts of our manufacturing processes. We are constantly endeavouring to improve our environmental footprint by carrying out regular monitoring and direct interventions at our production sites. A key benefit of our European manufacturing facilities is the reduction in transport distances, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Safety in the workplace and compliance with all legal labour regulations are our top priority. We pay strict attention to complying with all labour laws and regulations and thus ensure optimal and fair working conditions for our employees through regular social audits (SA 8000).

You can find everything about our certified production here.


Our products are made from innovative and environmentally friendly materials, preferably from Europe. We consistently focus on environmentally friendly production processes and an environmentally conscious approach along the entire supply chain. The health of our customers is particularly important to us, which is why we only use materials that are Oeko-Tex and REACH certified. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 stands for strict global standards for protection against harmful substances and guarantees the safety of our products.

Supplier management

We attach great importance to ensuring that our suppliers also produce under environmentally friendly conditions. We carefully select our suppliers according to these criteria. We maintain long-term partnerships and promote a close, trusting dialogue with them. Environmental issues play a decisive role in the selection and evaluation of our suppliers.

Nature conservation and environmental awareness

Nature is our “playing field” for customers and employees alike. We are actively committed to the sustainable protection of the environment and promote a strong environmental awareness among our employees, both professionally and privately.

WINTEX Epertise

Thanks to our many years of experience in a wide range of sectors, we have a broad, international network of authorities, industry and the military as well as extensive knowledge and in-depth expertise in the field of clothing production. As industry experts, we accompany you on the way to an optimal clothing system.

Simply good advice!

We will discuss your individual requirements for the product, the functionalities and the intended use together and will be on hand to advise you personally throughout the entire project. We look forward to hearing from you!